Privacy Policy

How We Use Your Data


In this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise stated, "Arcuna", "we", "us" or "our" refers to Arcuna Limited, a Limited Company in the United Kingdom, and its successors and assigns. The terms "our apps", "the app" and "our applications" refer to any application created and published by Arcuna Limited which include AR Selfie, AR Designer and AR User. The terms "you", "your" or "the user" means any person or entity using any of Arcuna Limited's applications, provided that if such person is under 18 years of age or the age of majority in your jurisdiction, whichever is older (the "Age of Majority"), it also includes such person's parent or legal guardian.


We may amend or supplement our Privacy Policy at any time. Please check our Privacy Policy each time you access and use our applications so that you will understand how we use your data applicable to your access and use of our applications.


The AR Selfie, AR Designer and AR User Applications are currently only available on the Apple App Store. We do not currently collect personally identifiable information but may collect information about your usage to improve the application and its features. By using our apps you consent to Arcuna collecting and using this data. The collected data and any associated copyrights shall be owned by Arcuna and may be used for any purposes including (but not limited to) improving our algorithms, collecting and processing analytics, and marketing. Arcuna retains the right to use and access your device's Advertising Identifier in connection with analytics and advertising (including for ad re-targeting and attribution). We will do so in compliance with Apple's Terms of Service.

TrueDepth Camera and Face Data

Our applications use the TrueDepth camera on the Apple device to determine the position and orientation of your face to superimpose augmented reality features to your head. Our applications also use the TrueDepth camera to recognise certain facial expressions and eye direction so as the user can trigger actions or drive the expressions of a character head, akin to puppeteering. We will not store or retain any data captured by the TrueDepth camera on our servers or use your Face Data for any other purpose other than the core functionality of the app. The face data resides on your device only and never leaves your device at any time. Our apps do not and will not use your Face Data to personally identify any user of the application.

Camera Feed

In order for the augmented reality functionality of any of our apps to be possible, our apps require access to the camera of your device. This access can be toggled on or off at any time in your device's settings. With camera access granted the user is also able to live stream the device's camera feed to various video streaming services. If access to the device's Camera Roll is also granted by the user, the app is able to record and capture the camera feed and save the recording locally on the device. The live streaming and recording functionality of the app is solely at the control of the user.